We’ve picked a date, now what?

Please fill out my client questionnaire. It helps me get to know your family a bit better (a Pinterest board of images you love is also helpful.). I will also send you a contract and model release, which allows me to share your gorgeous photos, without identifying information, for marketing purposes.

We will chat about the best location to suit your needs, and you will finalize your wardrobe choices. If you need any guidance, please click here. I love color! A few guidelines for you:

  • Try to ensure that all members of your family wear clothing that is similarly bright. If three are in a subdued shade, and one is in neon, they will stand out considerably.
  • Patterns are great! A subtle stripe on one, flowers on another, solid on another...it works!
  • You do not need to match perfectly. Several different colors will add a lot of pop to your images.
  • I do advise against all white or all black. It's difficult to get all shades exactly the same, and the differences will show in your photos.

What happens the Day of My Session?

We will meet at our agreed upon location, and start taking some photos! I will take several different shots/poses in a location and then we'll move on. I will do my best to accommodate a few special requests for poses, as long as they work with my shooting style. 

While I try my best to engage small children, I can not guarantee results. There will be times when I can not get the 'Grandma' shot (everyone is looking together at the camera) but, rather I will try to capture the family running, playing, and moving, where all members of your family might feel more comfortable. 

We always hope for good weather, so I will be monitoring closely prior to our agreed upon start time. I like and need lots of sunshine for my sessions. If the weather doesn't cooperate (rain, complete cloudiness, unusually dark skies), we will reschedule with as much notice as possible. 

You’ve taken my photos…when do I get to see them?

I will deliver your gallery, via digital download, within 2 weeks of your session, along with additional products, if applicable. You are also able to purchase prints if you choose.