What to Expect - Senior Session

We've picked a date, now what?

The hard part is done!

On the day of your session, I want you to keep a few things in mind. First of all, this is YOUR session. I have my own shooting style, but we're probably on the same page, since you chose me for these important photos. My goal is to make this is easy and fun. I'm not striving for perfect 'don't move a muscle' poses.

A few things to keep in mind (and you'll hear me say over and over!)

  • Relax your shoulders. No shrugging.
  • Chin down a bit
  • No side eye...lots of our photos won't be head on, but we will avoid extreme side eye. Too much whites of the eyes for those close ups!

I want you to mix up your facial expressions. Big smile, small smile, no teeth, smirk, off into the distance, head tilt, over your shoulder! I'll repeat these a lot to get variety in each spot we stop.

I'll be shooting close up, half body shots, and full body shots and will get a bit of all 3 in each spot we stop.

HANDS! Did that get your attention? Good. The one thing we will avoid throughout our entire session is hands and arms hanging down straight. I'll help you figure out what to do with them, but some suggestions: Thumbs in pockets, arms crossed softly, etc. don't know what to do? I've got you.

FEET! Almost as important. We don't want everyday, side by side feet. When you're standing, I'll ask you to cross one behind the other, or pop out one knee.

When we're walking along, if you see a location you like, let me know! My sessions are flexible, and we can accommodate any safe location.

If there is something else you want to know prior to your session, text me at 919-353-2881. I want you as comfortable as possible, while fully understand what to expect.